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Thrive by Five: Teaching Your Preschooler About Spending and Saving

Children learn about money from many sources. Long before they enter school, they observe adults using money and buying things. They watch television daily and see thousands of commercials each year. Like it or not, money is a part of your preschooler’s life.

What children witness affects their attitudes about what money is for. Some of these beliefs will help them as adult consumers and some will not. For example, they might get the message that saving is important or they might not.

As a parent, you will not be the only influence on what your child learns about using money. But when you teach basic lessons about money, you increase the chance that your child’s values will be similar to yours.

The simple activities and other resources listed to the right, which are parent-and-child tested, are meant to give you ideas for:

  • Teaching how money works and what it can do,
  • Talking about how your family uses money, and
  • Modeling good money management.

Activities: How can I teach my preschooler…


…to wait to spend money? …to not lose money?
…to help with the shopping? …about earning money?
…about using money to buy something? …that when money is spent, it is gone?
…that having fun does not have to cost money? …that gifts do not have to cost money?


You may use the activities at no charge for educational, non-commercial purposes.

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